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SolveIT provides a full suite of IT services, solutions and products for a range of industries. We pride ourselves on combining technologies to find solutions for business large and small.


Annual IT Maintenance

Our team will analyse your existing IT setup and infrastructure, produce a detailed report to improve your IT workflow, then carry out regular updates and maintenance to improve IT efficiency.

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Intelligent Business Solutions

We carefully select a business solution such as a customised CRM or ERP system to assist your companies growing needs.

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Our Telematics solutions focus on asset tracking, asset tagging and transport route optimisation. Ensuring your information protected and relayed to key personnel.

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Website/App Development

Providing customised development of websites, apps and mobile applications based on your requirements, whether it be for business or personal usage.

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Data Recovery

Specialist disaster recovery planning that works in unison with your existing infrastructure, giving your business piece of mind, with no downtime.

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IT Infrastructure

We offer a complete suite of IT setups, products and hardware that businesses need in order to maintain their daily ongoing IT requirements.

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Big Data Analytics

An advanced solution, driven by technology and algorithms to analyse and process data with actionable information, helping business owners to make informed and effective decisions.

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IOT & Wearable Technology

We offer a range of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and solutions, including task management, customised applications and wearable technology.

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