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    Annual IT Maintenance

    A certified IT Engineer will be assigned to conduct a full IT system review on our first visit. We will provide a report detailing the strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations to improve your business IT systems. The exclusively assigned IT engineer, will review Network Infrastructure, Security & Protection, Server & System setup, Hardware & Software.

    During a routine visit the IT Engineer will look into any general problems that may have arisen, along with any issues logged on our ticketing system before the visit is considered completed. A brief report of the checks will be submitted on a regular basis, as you can see below. A written worksheet outlining tasks conducted on site will be signed off by management representatives.

    We always ensure throughout our visits, all services provided to your business all be of the highest quality, with full support. SolveIT are proactive in providing top of the line IT Services to ensure your business can focus efficiently on its core functions.


    Our team of highly motivated professionals have many years’ experience, making us an extremely adaptive solution provider.

    Contact us:

    +971 4 8879547


    AMC Premium – 1 year IT support with weekly visits. 

    AMC Basic – 1 year IT support with monthly visits.

    Free consultation and report about your IT setup. 

    Day Call Outs – Pay per visit and remote support packages

    In House IT Support – Dedicated IT engineer who supports you 5 days a week.

    Ticketing system integration for all IT issues.