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    Big Data Analytics

    Analysing big data, allows your business to make faster and better decisions,  especially by using data that was not accessible previously. SolveIT combines a variety of tools, applications and methodologies that enables organisations to collect data from external sources and internal systems.

    This allows us to prepare analytics with data visualisations alongside dashboards of key information all consolidated into one place. Ultimatly allowing decision makers access to strategic information, in order to make the business increasingly profitable with more efficient decision making.

    Our dashboard’s are custom made to fit your business needs, with a single system for a variety of departments/branches. Users are able to access the system based on roles and areas of interest. Visual displays and layouts are customisable depending on your viewing preferences. A range of dashboard widgets allow the users to effectively view the performance matrix and business processes.

    Staying informed at every step, is the most essential aspect of a dashboard system. The advanced notification engine will provide realtime alerts for your business. The communication systems throughout the application allow key personnel to stay informed about changing trends in their business and data.


    Our team of highly motivated professionals have many years’ experience, making us an extremely adaptive solution provider.

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    Custom development based on the nature of your business

    Role based access & security for departments & regions

    All critical data at your fingertips to make decisions

    Web based mobile friendly access for any device, at any time