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    Data Recovery

    Protect your business from revenue loss with our data recovery solutions. We proactively secure critical data before the problem arises, building a tailor made schedule around your business. With the ability to anticipate disaster before it takes place, SolveIT can help your business bring back data online with no downtime.

    In addition to keeping your confidential information secure, we offer localised cloud solutions that falls inline with UAE law. This means there is no need to buy expensive hardware or server facilities. It gives you the freedom and power for your business to meet unique and specific needs.

    Data recovery is a custom made solution, created and designed by our team, who will spend time understanding the nature of your business and its functionalities, in order to fully ensure your business needs are met.


    Our team of highly motivated professionals have many years’ experience, making us an extremely adaptive solution provider.

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    Recover and locate any format of data

    Customised backup solutions to suit your business

    Easily recover personal emails, and other data saved on personal devices

    Cost effective solution with a free consultation