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      Data is a vital part of any legal firm and it is important that all information is kept secured on the network. Sensitive data needed to be stored on an internal server, with restrictions for staff to access. Documentation and reporting was needed in order to assure all issues are addressed and resolved in a timely manner.


      The internal network was unstable, with no maintenance to periodically check for issues that may occur. The backup data was stored on the same server internally and network security was prone to intrusion and malicious attacks. No periodic technical support was provided, alongside much needed workstation maintenance.


      Resolving all issues above was our top priority. A new firewall was configured to assure the network is secured at all times and now the network is being constantly monitored. We implemented strict folder/data access with remote support and onsite maintenance now done on a weekly basis to assure all system, data, and the network is secured and backed up.


    Full Network Security Implementation & Monitoring

    Database Maintenance and Support

    Data Security and Backup Solutions

    Virtual Private Solutions For All Users

    User Level Technical Support Service

    Email Management and Administration