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    “Ever since we started working with the SolveIT team, I have been continuously impressed by the quality of work and creative solutions provided. The enthusiasm in their work ethic, and flexibility in understanding our company’s needs have made SolveIT a preferred partner for all of our IT and communications needs.”

    Aziz Tinwala – Managing Partner

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      Accounting and inventory records have played a vital role for Rangers during its growth and the company required scalable storage of all data. Solve IT needed to build an ERP solution by providing a flexible system for daily work loads. The data needed to be secured and backed up at all times.


      Unfortunately the client had many issues with their system, such as data loss after system reboots. Solve IT fully recovered all lost data during the first visits and put in place measures to stop this happening again. Email was being hosted on another server, causing issues with security and vulnerability, which was fixed. The ERP platform could not be accessed outside the office, causing problems with getting enough information for their clients in an efficient way. The old system had no capability of providing and storing copies of important documents, which we also fixed.


      As a solution provider, we made sure all requirements were catered for and our Systems Engineer redesigned their system work flow with our custom ERP, developing a platform that accommodated all Rangers’s needs. All data is now placed on a secure server, where information can be accessed outside the office and backed up in a timely manner, so that all documents are secure. Lastly an email exchange solution was provided for cost effective and easy management going forward.



    Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

    Cloud Email Exchange Server solution

    Accounting Management Solution

    Inventory Management Solution

    Database Security and Backup Solution