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    Our telematic solutions provide real time information logistics with management tools to track vehicles, maximise performance and automate all processes. Real time reports control and monitor your fleet of vehicles, whilst dynamic scheduling reduces your day to day operating costs with our advanced transport planning tool.

    We also focus on asset tracking, asset tagging and transport route optimization, to ensure your assets are protected and information is secure at all times. Real-time software scheduling is designed to automatically assign the best vehicle and drivers for each situation, be it a product to be delivered, or a service job – whatever your fleet size. The solutions we offer enables you to quickly and easily create good, consistent quality plans, which meet your objectives.

    Fleet and vehicle scheduling solutions has seen a massive development over the past 10 years and SolveIT have a proven history in this field with a variety of solutions to significantly improve the efficiency of your business.


    Our team of highly motivated professionals have many years’ experience, making us an extremely adaptive solution provider.

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    Extended asset life span with real time monitoring 

    Excellent local support for daily needs

    Route optimisation and real time scheduling

    Stolen equipment is easy to retrieve when you know it’s location